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2604, 2018

Windows 10 Upgrades – plan ahead for a smooth transition

26th April, 2018|

In an environment of increasing cyber-attacks, it is becoming more and more important for organisations to keep up to date with their operating systems security patching and software levels to increase protection. With the end of support for Windows 7 scheduled for 2020, transitioning to Windows [...]

2703, 2018

Why Flash Alone Won’t Solve Your Storage Problems

27th March, 2018|

Why Flash Alone Won’t Solve Your Storage Problems The lure of faster storage is unsurprisingly a big drawcard. It has the potential to reduce application bottlenecks, retrieve information faster, produce reports quicker. But, despite popular belief, going all-flash won’t be the magic trick that makes your [...]

911, 2017

mcrIT wins ScienceLogic innovation award for 2017

9th November, 2017|

In recognition of mcrIT’s ongoing innovation across their best of breed monitoring tool, ScienceLogic has presented mcrIT with the innovation award for 2017. As a managed services provider, flexibility in toolsets is critical. ScienceLogic is a pivotal tool for analysis of trends and preventative maintenance recommendations. [...]

3010, 2017

When You’re Managing Financial Futures, How Secure is Secure Enough?

30th October, 2017|

It is enough to send shockwaves rippling through businesses. There had already been a growing awareness, but 2017 is the year that terms like ransomware and cyber-crime went mainstream. Headlines about high-profile targets, such as Britain’s National Health Service and Germany’s Deutsche Bahn, were hard to [...]

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