When You’re Managing Financial Futures, How Secure is Secure Enough?

2020-03-12T07:37:05+10:0030th October, 2017|

It is enough to send shockwaves rippling through businesses. There had already been a growing awareness, but 2017 is the year that terms like ransomware and cyber-crime went mainstream. Headlines about high-profile targets, such as Britain’s National Health Service and Germany’s Deutsche Bahn, were hard to miss. And now, there are reports that Bugs Bunny is [...]

Accounting in the Digital Era: Are You Ready?

2020-03-12T07:35:05+10:0019th October, 2017|

Given the changes in markets from banking to hotels and from publishing to retail, accountants have been guiding their clients through the most challenging business climate in decades. Yet just as taxi firms and shopkeepers can be blindsided by fast-emerging online businesses, so accountancy practices are not immune to a new breed of competition. While you’re [...]